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Learn More about the Profession Called Certified Public Accountants



A practitioner of accounting or accountancy is called an accountant, and it is basically the disclosure, provision or measurement of assurance about the various information of financial, which can help the tax authorities, investors, managers and other clients on making decisions about allocating financial resources. Accountants may gain various title depending on their capabilities and abilities as professionals, the two titles for licensed accountants may include either one or both titles, such as Pas or public accountants and CPAs or certified public accountant; while the accountants who were not able to pass the licensure exams or any other requirements for licensing may obtain two unlicensed titles, such as CIAs or certified internal auditors and certified management accountants or CMAs. A granted certificate for unlicensed accountants is the CIA, in which the participant has passed a four-part examination, and the CMA, in which the participant has passed a two-part examination; while the PA is also called as licensed public accountant or LPA in some other countries, and it is a license given to the accountant by the state to practice their profession similar to CPAs.


To become a CPA, the participant needs to accomplish the standard requirements given to them by their state, and that includes 150 semester units of college education, passing an examination, CPE or continuing professional education and one year of work experience which is related to their profession, and once, the participant is now recognized as a CPA, he or she can offer their services directly to the public people. The accountant who has gained the title as CPA may offer different services which compromises the areas of finance, but their main function in the society is basically related to assurance services, which is also called as financial audit services. Visit this website at http://www.ehow.com/facts_5031698_accounting.html and know more about accounting.


A CPA may offer other services to their clients and to the public people, and that includes regulatory reporting, financial reporting, venture capital, tax planning and preparation, management consulting and performance management, information technology which is applied to auditing and accounting, income tax, forensic accounting which includes detecting, investigating and preventing any acts of financial frauds, financial planning, financial analysis, governmental accounting, financial accounting, corporate governance, estate planning, corporate finance, and assurance and attestation services.


A CPA may be employed by corporations or associations which is also called as private sectors, and they can function as finance manager or CFO, which is short for chief financial officer; they can also work under a CPA firm and serve as business consultants; or they can also work within the industry of tax preparation. There are a lot of CPAs all over the world, especially in the countries that are categorized as part of the English-speaking world, and it has been reported that most of the best CPAs can be found in the city and county of San Francisco, which is located in the US state of California.